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Ignited Minds

Our "nalanda" style efforts in a description

Donating Stationery to Children


We Ignited Minds Nalanda, the "hope will succeed" NGO, always start off our journey with a sincere donation. The donation can include books, stationary and to lighten things up, money in the form of tuition fees. To make use of our donation, we teach the children the topics in our books.

Teaching the Water Cycle through media

Teaching through media

Sometimes, pictures are itself a 1000 words, to follow that saying we tend to show them videos or photos, so that they are having fun instead of being bored by our "lectures". We are then able to teach any subject possible, without them getting bored.

Teaching Maths (Addition)

Interactive Teaching

Now lectures and media doesn't really teach a child. Even if it does we don't know? So we get interactive with the kids and play small educational games which is actually a test, but we put in a way that they feel, they're playing a game. It is kind of a win-win situation at the end.

Our Story

We the Ignited Minds was once a school project for Nalanda International School, “which was preparing for a competition of social issues and how to solve them”. At first we weren’t even following child-education, we were preparing for another topic. We got confused and finally decided to go down the child-education path, for, at that time “simplicity”.We decided to donate books and stationary to the underprivileged children in known, after that we decided too teach children, because donation is common . We then started to like the happy smiles on the cute faces of children and decided to open this up publically. That is when we have agreed to teach children will our full attention. To know more click the About Us Page. To apply a teaching for a child, i.e give us details of the child¬†and we will give you an email for the time and meeting id, ASAP!